Organizations and activities are constantly changing. In some cases, an uncontrolled organic change may be positive for the business. It can create and consequently be driven by innovation power, dedication and good results. But for a positive change you normally need a certain basic structure; A framework to base it on.

What we are contributing to in the change process is the provision of a framework that will help you achieve a good result. Together with you, we formulate the purpose, objectives, strategy and resources that simplify the journey, thus ensuring that the change is successful.

The present situation provides a very important basis for designing strategy and plans for future change work. Without a determined present state, the change process may lack a firm basis. This increases the risk that set goals will not be reached.

In order to carry out the current state analysis and develop a plan for change work, we use a seven-step model. It consists of:

– Preparatory work
– Initial workshop
– Interviews
– Compilation and analysis
– Presentation of the current situation
– Workshop to determine the conditions and possibilities of change work
– Action plan and report are presented and presented

Different dimensions of change are rarely obvious to an organization. If you compare an organization with an iceberg, these are the things you can see; Such as organization, formal structure, processes and technology; Only a fraction. The rest, the main part, hides underneath the surface; There is culture, tradition, behavior, politics and values. This is the identity of the organization, it’s imbedded in the very walls. In order to succeed in the change work, effort must be made to make visible what is hidden.

In order to carry out an effective change work, participation must be created around the change. Employees who actively engage, all of whom have a clear picture of the goal of change, is an important success factor for success. Furthermore, resources that drive the change work are required, pay attention to success and manage failures. All of this we will help you with!

We work with proven models based on driving, and analyzing, change work and taking the necessary steps at any given time.

An important prerequisite for all development is that the skills increase hand in hand with the technology, method and organizational development that takes place in the company.

Swedish companies are at the forefront of creating flat organizations. Responsibilities and powers move further and further down in the company, which is good, provided that the person who has responsibility is competent enough to handle that responsibility. New ways of working require new skills, not only on the execution side but also in the leadership role. A prospective employer seeks to have the right skill in the right place.

Often, individual training efforts are not enough to keep up with the environment. We therefore offer services that focus on providing a systematic basis for competence development at a strategic level. The services are aimed at increasing the long-term competence of the company.